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What is X-TENSE?
paper-thin stretchable light
X-TENSE electroluminescent foil being stretched

Key benefits

The worlds first stretchable light source
An impact resistant light source
A washable light source
Electrically powered active light
Decor printing with thousands of colors


We do the development and production of your customized lighting solution with X-TENSE stretchable light technology

Discover the possibilities

Iluminate your product

Safety und Workwear

Safety- & Workwear

Actively illuminated during the night shift
for high visibility in low light conditions

Rolltop Backpack

Rolltop backpack

Versatile use of light to stay safe in traffic whilst riding your bike
feasibility study

How to work with us?

At XTRA Dynamics, we understand that expanding your product variety and reach on the market, while increasing the desirability of your brand, are top priorities for your business. That's why we collaborate closely with your product management, procurement, and design teams to offer new functions and designs that align with your customers' requirements.

If a market and price analysis suggests that our technology can benefit your product, we'll assist you with the technical design and integration. We can create a prototype from your CAD and digital data in just 4 to 6 weeks.

Once we've created the prototype, we work closely with you to refine the product design, manufacturing process, and quality control to ensure that the final product meets your requirements and exceeds your customers' expectations. We take into consideration various factors such as the supply chain and your or your suppliers production facilities to ensure that the product can be produced at scale with minimal disruption.

We also offer a know-how transfer of the production of t X-TENSE, so that you or your suppliers can produce X-TENSE locally. This helps you maintain control over the production process and ensures that you can create a high-quality product.

Expanding from an initial introductory product to the whole product portfolio for the mass market is a complex process that requires careful consideration of various factors such as pricing, customer segmentation, and needs.

To successfully expand to the mass market, we work closely with you to identify the needs and preferences of your customers. This may involve developing new products or product lines that meet the needs of different customer segments.

X-TENSE is going places

  • SLUSH'D Heilbronn

    SLUSH'D, Heilbronn

    Exhibitors and award winners Campus Founders / Venture Studio

  • A+A Trade Fair for work safety

    A+A, Düsseldorf

    24. - 27.10 2023
    Presentation of workwear prototypes for WÜRTH MODYF

  • Arrow Innovators Award

    ARROW, München

    Presentation and winners of the Arrow Innovators Award

  • El light strips

    ISPO, München

    28. - 30.11.2023
    Exhibition of a prototype outdoor jacket

  • El light strips

    CES, Las Vegas

    9. - 12.1.2024
    Exhibition of a prototype outdoor jacket with WÜRTH ELEKTRONIK

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