X-TENSE is a very thin, stretchable, luminous film based on EL technology. X-TENSE luminescent films are flexible and are characterised by high luminance, long service life and a homogeneous luminous image.

Since standard luminescent films such as our X-ACT flat light are only flexible to a limited extent and can only be used 2-dimensionally, we have developed a new, flexible EL-foil. A film that can be formed 3-dimensionally: X-TENSE.

X-TENSE stretchable light features high flexibility, is foldable and washable. Our X-TENSE EL film was patented in October 2022.

To illustrate the benefits and functionality of X-TENSE, we have developed several prototypes. Among others, a luminous sneaker with removable technology, because re-use is just as important to us as innovative technology.

Together with the company Footwear Innovation Lab from Pirmasens, we developed a sneaker with our X-TENSE luminous foil. The integration of the technology should not detract from the comfort of the shoe. In addition, it is removable and can be charged wirelessly in the shoe or externally.

Explosionszeichnung des Sneakers

Bespoke stretchable X-TENSE electroluminescent film.

Power Module #4 Removable case for the electronics.

Power Module #2 Driver board with BLE connectivity.

Power Module #3 Wireless charging coil.

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Safety und Workwear

Safety & Workwear

Actively illuminated during the night shift so visibility is high in low light conditions.

X-TENSE: paper-thin, strechable light
for the needs, desires and expectations of the future

further feasibility studies and product ideas

  • Automobilt├╝re

    Car trim

    Microperforated materials backlit without installation space

  • X-TENSE zur Beleuchtung von Firmenlogos


    Actively illuminated surfaces/logos transport image and increase visibility in traffic

  • Typ-2 Stecker und Ladekabel beleuchtet

    Charging Cable

    Charging cable for e-mobility that lights up during the charging process

  • Leuchtende Sneaker


    Luminous surfaces, on stretchable material

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